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Malagueta peppers  is one of the most widely used hot peppers in Brazil. It is a small, tapered, green pepper that turns red as it matures. It is about 2 inches in length at maturity. It is a very hot pepper, with a range of 60,000 to 100,000 Scoville units (about the same as Tabasco peppers).

Malagueta Peppers from Brazil

There are two sizes seen in markets, which will sometimes have different names: The smaller ones are called “malaguetinha”, and the larger ones are called “malaguetão”. They are not different varieties, just peppers of different maturities from the same plant.

This pepper is used to season many regional dishes in Brazil and is used in sauces. In Portugal, the term “malagueta” is used to describe a wide range of hot peppers.

Malagueta Packaging in Vinegar in Brazil for Consumer Use.

The Malagueta Pepper is starting to grow all over the world and is widely becoming a intricate part of Pepper Sauces for manufacturers in Western Countries. Malagueta Peppers are normally packaged in Brazil per the picture above for consumer use. By conserving in Vinegar, the vinegar becomes saturated with the Peppers and can be poured on top of your meal to give it an unique taste and spice. 


Since the year 1870, in the traditional and architecturally distinguished “Fazenda Gizé,” home of the Faísca Products, located in the City of Guarani, State of Minas Gerais has produced Pimenta products that are distributed nationally in Brazil. With over 12 product lines featuring the Pimenta Malagueta Pepper, the manufacturer is one of the leading producers and expoerts in peppers in Brazil. Productos Faisca commenced exportation and supply of Pimenta Malagueta to the United States in 2017 and has all the necessary certifications, registrations and documentation required by leading international importers of Pimenta Malagueta.


We are focused on providing Malagueta peppers on a bulk quantity for distributors, manufacturers or importers seeking quality malagueta peppers. The Peppers are loaded in 200 Liter Sanitized Barrels with a capacity of 100kg of Malagueta Peppers and 100 Liters of Vinegar for conservation. Once loaded with Pepper and vinegar, the Barrels are sealed for shipment

Barrels awaiting loading after sanitary procedure


  • US FDA Registration & Pin

  • HAACP Plan

  • Food Safety Defense Plan

  • Vinegar Certification

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Malagueta Pepper processed into Powder form while retaining its unique hotness and taste. Packaged in 1kg vacuum sealed bags and manufactured with the same quality and process used for Malagueta Peppers with Vinegar, our buyers can expect only quality Pimenta Malagueta in powder form.


Exporters of Cumari Peppers

Also known as (Cumari, Pimenta Cumari). Residing from the Cumari region of Brazil, this rare Brazilian fiery hot pepper is only the size of a pea. There are several types in the family, including the Cumari Do Para, one of the most popular (shown), the Cumari Ou Passarinho, Cumari Se Crescente, and Cumari Verdadeira. However, there is only one that belongs to the Capsicum Praetermissium species, the one true Cumari, the Cumari Pollux.

In the same family as Scotch Bonnets, and Habaneros, the Cumari has a really nice, sweet flavor but packs a lot of heat.


exporters of Bode Peppers

Like many small chili peppers, the bod’e peppers size belies a surprisingly nuanced fruity flavor. Behind their cherry-like looks is a habanero-like fruitiness with a nice hint of smoke – all without that habanero-like heat. In fact, for those that love spicy food, the bod’e sits in a very eatable area of the pepper scale making this an excellent chili pepper for all sorts of use cases.


Exporters of Biquinho Peppers

Hailing from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Pimenta Biquinho peppers are round and little with a distinctive, tapered point or tail that resembles a birds beak. They can be either a brilliant scarlet-red or sunshine-yellow. it also makes a beautiful ornamental plant.

The most common way that piquinho peppers are eaten in Brazil is when they’ve been pickled in a vinegar solution and served as a garnish or as an appetizer with drinks.

Manufacturing Process in Picture form.



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