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The Acai Berry is the hit Superfood on the market today. Acai products can be found all over the world in some form.

Today, many smoothie shops now provide some type of Acai Smoothie or drink and offers a wide range of 3rd party sellers offering their Brand of Acai Powder.

The Million Dollar question increasingly asked by Importers and buyers interested in Acai products is “Which is better, Acai Powder or Acai Pulp”.


Which Acai Product is better for Importation

Our opinion is based on our exporting experience in We have exported both Acai Powder and Acai Pulp to buyers all over the world.

Both Acai Products are great for importation, but it all depends on your business, process, space and most especially available funds.

We will provide the advantages and disadvantages of the Acai Powder and the Acai Pulp and you can make your decision.


Acai Berry Powder

Acai Powder is not as old as many may think. The Acai powder was produced to give many consumers the opportunity to enjoy the Acai Berry without the high costs of refrigerated shipping and storage.

The Acai Powder can be shipped as a dry good and packaged in 100g to 1kg packs for retail.

The Acai Powder comes in many forms but not all are the same. There are Pure Acai Berry powders with its dark purple and raw taste and the light purple Acai Powder that most likely has a low percentage of Acai plus fillers like starch.


Advantages of the Acai Powder

  • Acai Powder does not require refrigeration and can be shipped and stored as a Dry good
  • Acai Powder normally has a 2 year validity
  • Acai Powder can contain as much nutrients as the Acai Pulp
  • Acai Pulp can be produced with Pure Acai Powder and recipe.
  • Easy for repackaging for retail

Disadvantages of the Acai Powder

  • Many Acai Powder on the market are not Pure Acai Powder
  • Many manufacturers add fillers into their powders
  • Many users do not really know how to make smoothies from the powder
  • Pure Acai powder is not soluble. If a manufacturer says its soluble, then it contains fillers.
  • Price per KG of Acai Powder is considerably higher than Acai Pulp


Acai Berry Pulp

Everyone wants the Acai Berry Pulp. Its probably the highest requested Acai product we receive every week. 

The Acai Berry Pulp can easily be turned into the smoothie or bowl and its easy to use.

But most international buyers forger one thing. That is, the Acai Berry Pulp must be kept frozen at all times. After production, the Acai Berry Pulp is frozen at -18 Celsius and most be shipped and stored at this temperature at all times.

Well, shipping frozen products is not an easy process and is very costly if you are not buying a full refrigerated container with 13,000 or more kilos. 


Advantages of Acai Berry Pulp

  • Easy to make Acai Bowls and smoothies
  • Has 18 months validity after production
  • Buyers can select between normal, medium and premium concentrated pulps
  • Can be shipped in bulk or 100 gram pouches 


Disadvantages of Acai Berry Pulp

  • Acai berry Pulp has to shipped frozen from Producer Warehouse until delivery.
  • High shipping costs for frozen products
  • Refrigerated containers cannot be shared. So you need to fill a container
  • Refrigerated warehouse is required at all times
  • High unit cost per kg for shipment smaller than a container load.

In conclusion, if you are a small business or shop that cannot afford to import and store a container of Frozen Acai Pulp or pay the high costs for frozen airfreight, then the Acai Powder is the way to go.

If you or your business are in the market for Acai Berry Powder or Frozen Pulp, please contact or email us at [email protected] for information on exporting directly from Brazil.

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