Best Peppers for Hot Sauce

If you are a startup or a hot sauce producer searching for information on how to import the best peppers for hot sauce, you have come to the right place. Brazilian pepper farmers have increased their production in past years to meet domestic consumption as well as the rising international interest for Brazilian peppers such as Malagueta and Biquinho.

Brazil’s landscape is perfect for cultivating all types of chilies for hot sauce. Minas Gerais is Brazil’s leading producer of Malagueta and Biquinho peppers, with other states in Brazil increasing growth each year. We are a direct importer of hot sauce-grade Brazilian peppers. To provide our customers the best Brazilian peppers for hot sauce in bulk, we collaborate with local farmers and producers in Minas Gerais and Bahia. All peppers are Kosher-certified and produced in accordance with HACCP, GMP, and the Food Safety Defense Plan.We provide peppers in Mash and Puree form and Malagueta Peppers in whole with Vinegar Preserve.

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Types of Brazilian Peppers

Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash and Puree

Habanero Pepper Mash and Puree

Malagueta in vinegar, Mash and Puree

Scoville Heat Index

Malagueta Pepper Heat

Brazilian Peppers for Hot Sauce

Carolina Reaper Peppers

The Carolina Reaper is one of the hottest peppers in the world with a Scoville Heat Index of over 2.2 Million SHU.Our Carolina Reaper peppers are grown and processed in Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Forms of Carolina Reaper Pepper Available:

  • Carolina Reaper Puree (Kosher)
  • Carolina Reaper Mash (Kosher)

Habanero Peppers

The Brazilian Habanero Pepper is a widely grown pepper in Brazil and comes mostly in Red and Yellow Color. Our Habanero Peppers are grown and produced in Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Forms of Habanero Peppers Available:

  • Habanero Puree (Kosher)
  • Habanero Mash (Kosher)

Export and Import Services

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