Biquinho Pepper Producer in Brazil is a B2B Exporter of Biquinho Peppers directly from Biquinho Pepper producer and farm in Minas Gerais Brazil.

The Biquinho Peppers are grown, processed and packaged by our Producer in accordance with the Brazilian Agricultural Ministry and Sanitation Agency Guidelines. With a 12 month Production of Biquinho peppers and up to 1000kg of Biquinho Pepper produced per day, International Clients can rely on a seasoned Biquinho Pepper Producer in Brazil that can export and supply all your Biquinho Pepper needs. Our Biquinho Peppers are grown and harvested in the State of Minas Gerais Brazil. All Biquinho Pepper go through extensive selection, washing, sanitation and packaging before being exported to our customers. Biquinho Pepper are processed and packaged in Vinegar Brine for shipping.

Red Beaked Pepper from Brazil

The Biquinho Pepper is still relatively unknown in Western Markets but a staple pepper in Brazil. The Biquinho Pepper is used mainly as appetizer or decoration for foods. Great with Salads and the Puree can be a great addition to your hot sauce recipes.

Non GMO Biquinho Peppers

Great in Appetizers and Salads

Private Label Options Available

Biquinho in Vinegar

Biquinho Pepper Heat Units

Malagueta Pepper Heat

Packaging for Bulk Biquinho Orders

Biquinho Peppers in Vinegar or Puree have to be loaded and packaged safely for shipping and non contamination.This option is great for Bulk Importers, Resellers, Distributors, Brands and Food Producers.

  • Packaged in Durable Non Flex Barrels with 25l, 50l, 100l or 200l Capacity.
  • All Barrels are washed, disinfected an stored in a contamination free area before use.
  • Barrel is sealed and locked for shipping and never opened until arrival to Buyer.
  • Shipped on Plastic or Fumigated Pallets. Maximum of 4 Barrels per Pallet

Packaging for Small Biquinho Orders 

We provide Smaller packaging options for buyers such as Restaurants, Private Users, Brands or other businesses requiring resale packaging.

  • 3.2kg Plastic Keg for Safe Shipping
  • 5 Liter Bucket for Safe Shipping 
  • 250ml Glass Jar

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