Brazil Export and Trade Consultant

Many Buyers and importers all over the world want to buy products from Brazil, but find its not an easy process to find a manufacturer or Producer in Brazil due to language barrier or payment methods. In addition, an Export & Import Permit is required for Brazilian companies that want to sell products to foreign buyers.

We provide all inclusive Brazilian Export Consultancy Services for Foreign Buyers looking to Import from Brazil. Our Specialty include Sourcing, Domestic Transportation, Export Clearance Services in Brazil. We know businesses do not have time to waste and want their products on schedule, and that is why we provide an all inclusive B2B Brazilian Exports Services. Leave all the bureaucracy to us and let us get your product to you.

Sourcing Consultation Services:

Coordination of Domestic Transportation

Cargo Packing & Container Loading

Procurement & Sourcing Services

Export Clearance in Brazil

Locate the Right Manufacturer for your Product

Ocean & Airfreight Logistics Services

Industrial and Product Sectors

We search and introduce you to various manufacturers in various sectors capable of supplying the product that you need. In the event that a manufacturer does not have the necessary permits to export your products, we can assist the manufacturer in obtaining an export Permit also called a RADAR . 

  • Agriculture Equipment

  • Bulk Auto Equipment

  • Engineering and Machinery Products

  • Building Materials

  • Work Out and Outdoor Sports

  • Office Supplies and Furniture

  • Food Services

  • Maintenance Repair and Operating Supplies

  • Electronics

  • Home Decor & Interiors

  • Construction Supplies

  • Childcare Products

Shipping Options for Brazilian Exports

Bulk Airfreight Shipping

Ocean Freight Shipping

Courier Freight and Shipping

Export and Import Services

We are a Export and Import Consultancy Company that specializes in the sourcing, exportation and importation of Commodities from Brazil to the United Sates of America. Based in the United States, We provide expert advise to our clients that are new to international trade and plan to source products from Brazil to countries around the world, especially the United States. We can guide your business in procurement of products in the Brazilian Market and Project Management of Logistics and Export / Import Clearance in Brazil and the United States.

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