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Guarana Powder from Brazil

With our Bulk Guarana B2B Export Services from Brazil, you can import Bulk Guarana Powder from Brazil. is a registered export, import, and business organization with offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the United States. We have extensive experience in the exportation and appropriation of Guarana Powder all over the world. sends out top quality Guarana Powder that is Best in quality and taste by collaborating with Guarana Powder Producers in Northern Brazil.
Guarana powder is a fantastic source of energy and supplements that is made from Guarana fruit, which is primarily found in Northern Brazil. It is commonly used in beverages, cooking, and, in particular, Acai smoothies and pulps.

Packaging and Logistics

 Guarana Powder ready for export


Our company ensures that our products are safely packaged for safe shipping from Brazil to your location. To ensure no water leakage, we package and export all powders in 20kg to 50kg sealed transparent plastic packages and re-wrap in Jute Bags. We pack the Guarana Sacks onto Standard Pallets for safe shipping via Ocean Freight.

Our bulk guarana shipments are delivered to the Santos Terminal at the Port of Santos and then shipped to our clients all over the world. Guarana Jute Bags are loaded onto fumigated wooden pallets and shrink wrapped to protect the cargo from humidity and seawater.

Guarana Powder in Bulk has a two-year shelf life after manufacturing. We only produce powders based on your order, giving our clients two years to store and sell the products as needed.

No Pesticides or Chemicals

Considered Organic Guarana Powder

No Hormones or Transgenics Added

100% Pure Guarana Powder

Specification for Guarana Seed Powder

  • Type : Powder Form
  • Packaging: 25kg Jute Bags
  • Caffeine : (% MAX) – 3.2%
  • Grind :  Fine
  • Crop Year :  2022 Guarana Seed Crop
  • Origin : Bahia, Brazil

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