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Brazil has responded to the growing demand of local pepper enthusiasts who crave extremely hot peppers by increasing its production capacity of the Carolina Reaper Pepper. Our Carolina Reapers are produced in accordance with HACCP, GMP, and Food Safety Defense plans of the processing facility in Minas Gerais. Furthermore, our Carolina Reaper products are Kosher Certified.

If you are a hot sauce producer seeking a new supplier or looking to purchase Carolina Reaper peppers with high quality and competitive pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scoville SHU Heat Index

Types of Carolina Reaper Products

These are the different Carolina Reaper products available in Kosher certification:

  • Carolina Reaper Whole in vinegar preserve: This product consists of whole Carolina Reaper peppers preserved in vinegar, and it is Kosher certified. It can be used as an ingredient in different dishes or to make hot sauce.

  • Carolina Reaper Pepper Puree: This product is made by processing Carolina Reaper peppers into a smooth paste, and it is Kosher certified. It can be used as a flavoring or a thickener in different recipes, or as an ingredient to make hot sauce.

  • Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash: This product consists of Carolina Reaper peppers that have been crushed and mixed with vinegar and salt to create a thick and chunky mixture. It is Kosher certified and can be used as a base for hot sauce or as an ingredient in marinades and other recipes.

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