Reasons to Buy Directly in Brazil


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Buyers have many reasons for contacting our office in Brazil and request our procurement services. Here are some of the main reasons why Buyers feel its better to buy directly from Brazil.


The Power of the Dollar

It is no secret that Brazil passed through probably the worst recession in its long history. The Brazilian Reais fell to unprecedented lows in 2016 – 2017. Gone are the days of R$2 (BRL) to $1 USD. International Buyers noticed this advantage and flooded to Brazil to purchase and export products at unbelievable discounts compared to 2 years ago. However, with the elections over and Brazil headed towards a brighter and corrupt future, the glory days for International buyers savings with the currency exchange might be creeping to a slow end. 


Go directly to the Manufacturer

Since the beginning of time, business people and traders know that the best deals are only done with directly with the manufacturer. “The Best Deals are always directly with the manufacturer” and that is if he wants to work with you.Famous names like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and many other explorers were looking for a quicker and direct access to the manufacturers in Asia. 500 years later, humans are still the same. Many Buyers contact us to buy directly from the manufacturer in Brazil as they are tired of high prices from importers and distributors in their country.


Only Brazil produces what you Need

Brazil is blessed with natural resources in comparison to most other countries. From Agricultural commodities, Minerals, Industries and a long list of other products. With the explosion of Acai Pulp worldwide, we receive a lot of inquires from Buyers seeking to import Acai into their country. However, there are still lots of products such as fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, processed foods and machinery that the world still has yet to discover. 


Ease of Shipping

Shipping & Logistics from Brazil to all parts of the world is as easy as 123 when you have the biggest and busiest port in South America. The Port of Santos, located in Santos, Sao Paulo is the gateway for exportation and importation in Brazil. You can find a vessel filled with containers, corn, soybeans, meat and chicken loading and sailing for major seaports worldwide. For Airfreight Cargo, São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport is ranked second in Latin America for Cargo Freight. As a major international Hub in South America serving practically every major airline, you can always find space on a jumbo for your cargo to arrive your airport 2-3 days after loading.


A Good Reason to finally Visit Brazil

If i received a Dollar for each time a prospective buyer or client says they would like to visit Brazil, i would be swimming in dollar bills. On a serious note, we highly encourage clients to visit Brazil to get to know the manufacturer and products they are buying. You will be surprised that many Brazilian manufacturers and suppliers are very open to meet international clients buying their products and discuss options of doing more business internationally to expand their brand.

In summary, Brazil is a great place for businesses to buy their products and save money on purchasing goods. For more information on how you can start importing directly from Brazil, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or you can fill out the questionnaire below and we will get in contact with you. 


About Us

Since 2016, has assisted international buyers seeking goods in Brazil. We have received all types of inquiries for products in Brazil. From standard products, to products we have never heard about or sometimes products that may be legal in Brazil but violates laws in the destination country. Once we receive a request from a prospective buyer seeking a product in Brazil, it is our staff duty to fully understand your product and your needs. 

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