Carolina Reaper Mash for Sauce

Carolina Reaper Mash and Peppers are the King of Hot Peppers in the World. Import Carolina Reaper Pepper from Brazil with Shipfrombrazil. We are exporters of Bulk Carolina Reaper peppers produced in Minas Gerais, Brazil and meets all international standards for Quality Pepper.

With a Scoville scale (SHU) exceeding 1 million units, the Carolina Reaper is considered the hottest pepper ever created and currently sold on the market. Compared to your average jalapeno pepper, it measures 175 to 880 times hotter.  If you a looking to Import Carolina Reaper from Brazil, please contact us at Shipfrombrazil on how we can assist you to import these wonderful peppers.


Carolina Reaper Mash and Peppers

  • Carolina Reapers grown in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Whole Carolina Reapers
  • Conserved in Vinegar or Natural
  • 2 Years Validity in Vinegar Conserve
  • Packaging: 100kg or 200kg Sealed Barrels
  • The Production Process of the Carolina Pepper is performed in strict accordance with Brazilian Food Sanitation Regulations and International Safety Standards.

Export and Import Services

We are a Export and Import Consultancy Company that specializes in the sourcing, exportation and importation of Commodities from Brazil to the United Sates of America. Based in the United States, We provide expert advise to our clients that are new to international trade and plan to source products from Brazil to countries around the world, especially the United States. We can guide your business in procurement of products in the Brazilian Market and Project Management of Logistics and Export / Import Clearance in Brazil and the United States.