Coconut Water Beverage Cart

If you have ever visited Brazil, you will see Coconut Water Beverage Cart on every corner selling fresh and natural coconut water to clients seeking a healthy alternative to Soft Drinks and unhealthy beverages. Coconut water may be the perfect beverage for restoring hydration and replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise. Electrolytes are minerals that play several important roles in your body, including maintaining proper fluid balance. They include potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium.


  • Many Customers are actively implementing healthy food and beverage options in their life to avoid sugar products such as Soft Drinks and Juices for Natural Products like Coconut Water
  • Coconut Water is Naturally Sweet and no additional Sugar is required
  • Only need a Coconut and a Beverage Cart to begin
  • Coconut Water is a good source of Several Nutrients
  • Coconut Water has numerous Antioxidant Properties

Beverage Cart Features

exporters of coconut water cart

Our Beverage Cart is manufactured in the Beautiful City of Rio de Janeiro and has the vibe of the Carioca Lifestyle.  This coconut water cart is beautiful and requires no marketing as the Shape of the Coconut tells prospective customer exactly what you are selling. The Coconut Water cart is also a great attraction to kids and very unique looking as this model is not found everywhere.

  • Produced from Quality Fiber Glass that can adsorb hits, damages
  • Full measurement of Cart without Umbrella – 110cm high x 100cm deep x 90cm
  • Empty Weight of 35kg
  • Comes with Umbrella, 3 Wheels, Steel Drill and Storage Area
  • Capacity for 40 – 45 Small to Medium Size Coconuts
  • No Setup or installation required, comes ready for instant use
  • Comes with 3 Rubber Wheels that allow the Cart to be moveable in all environments
  • Can be used in all business environments – Beach, Seaside resorts, Parks, Shopping malls, Hotels, Cafeterias, Events.

SHIPPING & LOGISTICS performs all logistics process from warehouse door to delivery at your port of arrival. (If you have your Freight Forwarder, we can sell with INCOTERM 2010 – FOB. We provide all necessary documents required for exportation and specific requirements and documentations for importing into your country.

For Ocean Freight, we ship directly from Port of Rio de Janeiro to all Safe Ports Worldwide. All shipments going to Caribbeans will be shipped via Port of Miami. 

For Airfreight, we ship via Major Airlines from Rio de Janeiro International Airport. can perform all logistics and customs clearance process for United States Buyers with delivery to your destination in all states





ADVANTAGES OF WORKING WITH US is a registered Trading, Import and Exporting Company in Brazil with CNPJ: 11.343.847/0001-95 and located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We specialize in assisting International Buyers seeking to import products from Brazil at competitive pricing and logistics assistance.

Our Team is experienced in finding the right product that fits your needs, provide all exportation registration services in Brazil, Internal Logistical and customs clearance. For US Buyers, we also offer Importation and Delivery services in all 50 States.If you are looking for a product we do not offer, we offer Specialized Sourcing and Procurement Services for all goods produced in Brazil.


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