Export Guarana Seeds from Brazil


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Buy Guarana Seeds from Brazil with Shipfrombrazil.com. We are direct exporters of Guarana Seeds that are grown and harvested in Brazil. Whole Guarana Seeds for producing Guarana Powder and Guarana Caffeine Products.

Its easy and economical to export guarana seeds from Brazil as Guarana seeds can be packaged in Bulk and stored for 2 years for use in making Guarana Powder in the specifications you need.


Buy Guarana Seeds from Brazil

Our Guarana Seeds are produced in Northern Brazil and conforms to all Brazilian Agricultural Laws and Procedures.

  • Guarana Seeds are NON GMO
  • Whole & Dried Guarana Seeds
  • Great of Roasting and Grinding to make Guarana Powder
  • Packaged in Bulk Form, 5kg to 25 kg Jute Bags
  • Producer is registered in the FFR System of the US FDA.

Specifications of Guarana Seeds

  • Crop Year: August 2022
  • Origin: Bahia, Brazil
  • Strange Materials: 0%
  • Caffeine: 3.2%
  • Humidity: 12%
  • Impurities: 0%
  • Packaging: 25kg Jute Bags

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