Exports of Brazil - Understanding the Process

Exports of Brazil is an important part of the  Brazilian Economy with 14.81% of the GDP going to the Exportation of Goods and Services from Brazil to International Markets. Brazil is a major World Supplier of many essential goods that countries all over the world need. With over $300 Billion Dollars exported every year from Brazil, you would think the Export Process is easy and straight forward, unfortunately that is not the case.

Buying and Exporting from Brazil requires that the Importer understands how Exports of Brazil Works. A Buyer cannot just come to Brazil, buy products, load on a plane or boat and export out of Brazil. Brazil is a bureaucratic country and Exports and Imports adhere to the processes stipulated by the Brazilian Government and customs agents.

Main Exports of Brazil

  • Animal Products
  • Vegetable Products
  • Foodstuff
  • Mineral Products
  • Chemical Products
  • Plastics and Rubbers
  • Animal Hide
  • Wood Products
  • Paper Goods
  • Textiles
  • Footwear and Head-wear
  • Stones and Glass
  • Precious Metals
  • Metals
  • Machines
  • Arts and Antiques

Export Permit is required in Brazil

Unlike most countries which allows any business to formally export, Brazil requires that a Company has an Export & Import Permit from the Brazilian Government that permits the company to perform Trade Services. This means that your seller in Brazil can only export up to R$3000 Brazilian Reais worth of Products without needing an export permit. 

Many International buyers have contacted Shipfrombrazil.com confused that their seller closed a transaction and later notified them that they cannot export the product. This means their product is stuck at the Seller warehouse and payment has already been made.

Shipfrombrazil.com has a trading (export & import permit) in Brazil which allows us to conduct international trade of Brazilian Products for any dollar amount. In short, without a Trading company or your Seller owning a Permit, your products will never leave Brazil.

How Can we Help you Export your Products

Sourcing & Procurement Services

Customs Clearance & Exportation Services

Logistics & Tranportation Services

Global Shipping with Ocean or Air Freight

Export your Product under our Export Permit

Take Care of the Beauracratic Process

Ocean & Airfreight to safe Destinations

Insurance Coverage provided for all Cargo

Variety of INCOTERM 2020 Options

Ground Transportation and Storage

Global Logistics Services

Shipfrombrazil.com enlists the Services of a globally recognized International Freight Forwarder that provides competitive Ocean Freight and Airfreight Quotes for shipment to global seaports and airports. For Clients needing storage of their cargo in Brazil, Shipfrombrazil.com can provide optional Warehouse Storage and Transport quotations. Be Assured that your Cargo is in Safe hands during Storage.

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