Frozen Acai Berry Packets

Many buyers prefer the 100g Frozen Acai Berry Packet over larger bundles like the 1kg and 5kg because it is generally pressed at serving size. A 100g Acai Berry Packet is a typical serving size given to customers by Acai stores, smoothie and frozen yogurt vendors. Importers can resell in smaller quantities by bringing in Frozen Acai Pulp in 100g Packets from Brazil.

If you are an end user who sells Acai Pulp, the 100g Acai Packet can be conveniently stored in a cooler and used when needed. International buyers looking to buy Acai Pulp directly from Brazil should contact for pricing and testing. Our Acai Berry Pulp is Certified Organic in Europe, Brazil, and the United States (USDA), as well as Vegan, Non GMO, Halal, and Kosher.

Frozen Acai Berry Pulp 100g Packets

Organic Certification in Brazil, USA and Europe

Certified Halal, Kosher, Vegan, and Non GMO

Acai Berry Pulp Packets in Bulk Shipment

Product Certifications

Acai from Brazil Certifications

Brazilian Frozen Acai Berry Packet Variety

  • Acai Berry Pulp Medium (no Guarana)

  • Acai Berry Pulp Medium with Guarana (Sweet)

  • Acai Berry Pulp Premium (no Guarana)

  • Acai Berry Pulp with Guarana, Premium (Sweet)

Palletized air freight is shipped with dry ice and stored in a cold freezer warehouse.

Ocean Freight Shipping for Full Container Loads (FCL).

Airfreight from GRU Airport in Sao Paulo

Ocean Freight Shipping from Port of Vila Conde

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