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To buy Acai from Brazil, you will need Frozen Acai Exporter experienced in shipping Acai Products from Brazil. We are importers and distributors of USDA Certified Organic Acai to USA, Mexico and Canada. Organic Acai manufactured in Belem, Para to the best quality standard and ready to eat. Our Organic Acai comes with or without Guarana. We provide our Guarana is 12% and 14% (premium) Acai in 100g or 1kg bags. Private label options available.

Açaí is a native fruit of the Amazon and one of the main food sources of the population of the region. Very popular for its energetic power, the consumption of açaí have increased and expanded on a worldwide scale from other characteristics more recently verified, which has made açaí to be considered a superfruit. The Acai Berry provides the body with Fiber, Antioxidants and many other nutrients not found in other Fruits.

International Certifications

Acai from Brazil Certifications

Types of Acai Pulp Available for Exportation

  • ( MEDIUM PULP) Acai Berry Pulp – 12 % Concentration. Also known as Medium Acai Berry Pulp

  • ( MEDIUM PULP WITH GUARANA) Acai Berry Pulp – 12% Concentration with Guarana

  • ( PREMIUM PULP) Acai Berry Pulp – 14% Concentration. Also referred to as Premium Acai Berry Pulp

  • ( PREMIUM PULP WITH GUARANA) Acai Berry Pulp – 14% Concentration with Guarana

Airfreight Shipping in Pallet with Dry Ice and Stored in Cold Freezer Warehouse

Ocean Freight Shipping for Full Container Loads (FCL). Reefer Container used.

Departs from Sap Paulo International Airport

Departs from Port of Vila do Conde, Para

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