Import Frozen Acai Pulp from Brazil

The Frozen Acai Pulp is probably the most famous product produced and exported from the Brazilian Rain-forest. Produced from Acai Berries only grown in the Amazon region of Brazil, the Small and Purple Berry is now a staple product for health conscious consumers worldwide.

Our Frozen Acai Pulp from Brazil  are 100 Percent Organic, and Certified in Brazil, USA and Europe. The Frozen Pulp is produced in strict adherence to regulations specified by each regulatory body such as Vegan, Halal, Kosher, Non GMO and Organic. Our products are also certified as “Non-GMO”, that is, free of Genetically Modified Organisms.

The consumption of organic foods avoids health problems caused by the ingestion of toxic and harmful chemical substances to our organism, in addition to preventing the residues that remain in the food from causing allergic, respiratory reactions, hormonal disorders, neurological problems, among others. Organic foods are more nutritious and scientifically proven.

If you are looking for Frozen Acai Pulp from Brazil in Pulp form, highest quality and competitive pricing, please contact for pricing and samples.

Natural Frozen Acai Pulp the from Amazon Rainforest

Certified Organic in Brazil, Europe and USA (USDA)

Non GMO, Vegan, Halal and Kosher Certififed

Bulk Shipping and Competitive Pricing

Product Certifications

Acai from Brazil Certifications

Variety of Frozen Acai Pulp from Brazil

  • Medium Acai Berry Pulp without Guarana

  • Medium Acai Berry Pulp with Guarana (Sweet)

  • Premium Acai Berry Pulp without Guarana

  • Premium Acai Berry Pulp with Guarana (Sweet)

Storage Requirements

Store frozen at -18 ° C or cooler. Avoid sudden variations in temperature. Once thawed, do not refreeze. Do not store together with chemicals or other substances that may cause contamination.

International Shipping is a Registered Brazilian Exporting company and will be responsible for all the Exportation process, customs clearance and documentation in Brazil. Our Products are shipped from major Brazilian Ports and Airports to all Airports and Seaports Worldwide. For Smaller orders, we can send to Buyer via Courier services such as FedEx.

Airfreight Shipping in Pallet with Dry Ice and Stored in Cold Freezer Warehouse

Ocean Freight Shipping for Full Container Loads (FCL). Reefer Container used.

Departs from Sap Paulo International Airport

Departs from Port of Vila do Conde, Para

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