Brazilian Frozen Acai Puree

Import Frozen Acai Puree in Bulk from Brazil. Frozen Acai Puree is made from Acai Berries extract pulp grown and collected in the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest. The pulp is produced, frozen and packaged for the delivery to buyers and smoothie shops worldwide after a preservation process to ensure that highly perishable Acai Berries are not spoiled.. collaborates with domestic producers of Frozen Acai in Brazil to ensure that only the highest quality Acai products are exported to our clients. Our Frozen Acai Berries in Pulp form are 100% Organic and Certified in Brazil, the United States, and Europe. The Frozen Pulp is manufactured in strict accordance with the regulations of each regulatory body, such as Vegan, Halal, Kosher, Non GMO, and Organic. Our products are also “Non-GMO,” which means they are free of Genetically Modified Organisms.

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Frozen Acai from Brazil that is 100 percent natural.

Organic certification is available in Brazil, Europe, and USA

Certified Halal, Kosher, Non GMO, and Vegan

Acai Frozen with and without Guarana Sweetener

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