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The Guarana Seed is produced from the Paullinia Cupana Plant and the most famous end product is the Guarana Powder.  The Guarana Seed contains about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee beans (about 2–4.5% caffeine in guarana seeds, compared to 1–2% for coffee seeds). Guarana Seed, Guarana Powder and the Guarana Extract are the main ingredients for Energy Drinks today.

The Guarana Seeds are planted, harvested and processed in Northern Brazil States of Bahia and Para. The Paullinia Cupana Plant is stripped of the Guarana Seeds and the Pulp of the Fruit is separated from the seeds. The Seeds are then dried in the sun, cleaned  and stored for exportation or production of Guarana Powder. Many Importers and Guarana Powder Brands are buying Guarana Seeds in Brazil to produce their Guarana Powder in House and save more on operation costs.

Guarana Seeds direct from Brazil

The Guarana Seed is the primary source of Guarana Powder. Guarana Seeds are collected after the fruit pulp is removed from the seed, and dried in the sun. The Guarana Seed is then Grounded and roasted to a Fine Soluble Powder. The Guarana Seed is a great option for Guarana Powder Brand and distributors seeking to control their production and reduce Cost of Importing guarana powder from Brazil.

Whole Guarana Seeds

Current Crop Only

Dried Naturally in Sunlight after harvest

Packed in 25kg Jute Bags

Whole Guarana Seeds

Our Guarana Seeds are produced in Northern Brazil and conforms to all Brazilian Agricultural Laws and Procedures. Grown in Northern Brazil States of Para and Bahia, the Guarana Seed is Guarana in its most natural state. The Guarana Seeds are roasted and grounded into a fine powder for human consumption.


Why Import Guarana Seed from Brazil

  • Buyers can reduce their cost and buy Guarana Seeds in Bulk instead of  finished Guarana powder
  • Guarana Seeds do not require complicated storing or warehousing
  • Guarana Seeds has a 2 Year validity after harvest
  • Buyers can produce their Guarana Powder to their specification and caffeine content.
  • Great option for Distributors that sell Natural Products

Specifications of Guarana Seeds

  • Crop Year: August 2022
  • Origin: Bahia, Brazil
  • Strange Materials: 0%
  • Caffeine: 3.2%
  • Humidity: 12%
  • Impurities: 0%
  • Packaging: 25kg Jute Bags

No Pesticides or Chemicals

Considered Organic

No Hormones or Transgenics Added

2 Year Validity after harvest

Packaging and Logistics

  • Packaged for Safe Shipment. Guarana Seeds are packaged in Jute Bags that are waterproof and great of Container shipment.
  • Packaged in 20kgt Jute Bags
  • Courier, Airfreight and Ocean Freight Services worldwide
  • Pallet Loading for Bulk Orders
  • Global Shipping and Logistics
  • Import & Delivery Services for US Buyers

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