Import ICUMSA 45 Sugar from Brazil


Import ICUMSA 45 Sugar from Brazil


Brazil is the largest producer of ICUMSA 45 Sugar and global exporter of this widely procured product. ICUMSA 45 Sugar is a product that every agent in the World tries to get their hands on but unfortunately, ICUMSA 45 Sugar is not an easy product to find a TRUE Seller in Brazil. buys high quality ICUMSA 45 Sugar directly from one of the largest Sugar Producer s and Mills in Brazil and provides exportation services to global sugar buyers. In Fact, focuses on smaller ICUMSA 45 Sugar buyers seeking Brazilian Sugar in Container Quantity.If you are looking for Sugar Products in Brazil, especially Icumsa 45, and seeking 1 container to 10 containers shipments on a Spot or Contract Basis, is the right place for you.

With the whole world focused on 12,500 to 100,000 metric ton Orders, specializes in providing Sugar and Excellent and Professional Export Services to our smaller clients seeking to buy smaller quantities.


NOTE: CIE LTDA is the official exporter and seller of ICUMSA 45 Sugar Cane to Buyer. We are not Agents or buy from 3rd Party Sellers. We buy directly from a Sugar Refinery in Brazil and are limited to 2000 Metric Tons per Month Total.

ICUMSA 45 Sugar Cane Specifications

Export by Container Load

Per our partnership to buy directly from one of the main sugar producers in Brazil, our Company has a Exportation Limit of 2000 Metric Tons of ICUMSA 45 Sugar Cane per Month.
  • Port of Loading: Santos, Sao Paulo
  • Shipment Type: Container
  • Size: 20ft and 40ft Container
  • Incoterm: FAS, FOB
  • Shipping: CIF to AWSP
  • Purchase: Spot or Contract
  • Packaging: 50kg Jute Bag
  • Total Weight 20ft: 26 tons
  • Quantity of Sacks: 520 Sacks of 50 kgs

How to Buy ICUMSA 45 Sugar

With the high speculation of Sugar inquires in Brazil, strives to provide best pricing and transparent process for True Buyers seeking to export ICUMA 45 sugar in Containers.
We request for Serious Buyers to contact us for Pricing and Quotation for ICUMSA 45 Sugar Exports from Brazil. We do not Export Bulk Loads such as 12,500 MT and Above. We only Export Container Loads for ICUMSA 45 Sugar.

Buying Process 

  1. Interested buyer can send us an Email through our Contact Page
  2. Our Staff will respond to Inquiry to understand your purchase request
  3. We will email Buyer our Letter of Intent Template to complete
  4. Our Staff will send Pricing per requested INCOTERM
  5. If Buyer Accept, We will send a Purchase Order or Contract for Buyer to Complete and return with Bank Comfort Letter
  6. Order is placed with the Sugar Mill / Refinery and delivery date is provided
  7. Buyer completes agreed Payment Terms
  8. Cargo is delivered to the Port for Loading in Container for delivery to Santos Terminal for exportation
  9. We issue Bill of Laden to Buyer

Buy ICUMSA 45 Sugar Cane

Container Exports Only

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Exporter of Brazilian Raw Sugar is a registered Trading, Import and Exporting Company in Brazil with CNPJ: 11.343.847/0001-95 and located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our Team is experienced in finding the right product that fits your needs, provide all exportation registration services in Brazil, Internal Logistical and customs clearance. For US Buyers, we also offer Importation and Delivery services in all 50 States. If you are looking for a product we do not offer, we offer Specialized Sourcing and Procurement Services for all goods produced in Brazil.

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