Import Mandioca in Bulk from Brazil

Mandioca From Brazil

Mandioca, also known as Cassava, Maniva, manioc is a highly important food that provides meals to billions of people on a daily basis. Produced from the Cassava Root, which is an important source of starch for the world and is used by both humans and animals, including Industries all over the world such as medicine, plastics, pharmaceuticals and Textile industries. The Mandioca is around you wherever you go and most likely consumed by every human daily in some shape or form.

Brazil is not only a major producer, but consumer of Mandioca Products. Considered a Staple foods in Brazil, the Mandioca can be found on the tables of the Richest to the Poorest indivdual in Brazil. Mostly grown in the Northern States of Brazil, the Brazilian Mandioca is probably one of the best quality mandioca powder and products on the planet. is a brazilian based exportation company specialized in the Trade of Mandioca from Brazil. We partner with various Brazilian Producers and Factories that supply Mandioca products in Brazil on a daily basis. Exceeding International Standards for Mandioca Quality plus competitive market price compared to other growing countries.

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Produced from the Best Cassava Roots in Brazil

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