Procure from Brazil to USA

We specialize in providing procurement consultancy services to foreign customers seeking products made in Brazil. With our extensive knowledge of the Brazilian market, we have helped numerous international buyers source the right products by connecting them with the right manufacturers.

Our primary objective is to understand your needs in Brazil and provide comprehensive consultation services to clients seeking manufacturers to produce their products or source products for importation into the United States. We offer expert guidance throughout the entire procurement and export phase in Brazil, ensuring that your products are exported in compliance with Brazilian and US export and import regulations.

In the event that your manufacturer does not have an export permit in Brazil, we can assist them in obtaining the necessary Export Permit or RADAR from the Brazilian government, streamlining the importation process and saving you time and money.

Our team is dedicated to simplifying the procurement process for our clients, offering personalized and comprehensive services to ensure your success in the Brazilian market. Whether you’re a seasoned importer or a new business seeking guidance, we are here to help you navigate the complex landscape of international trade and succeed in your business endeavors.


Manufacturers to Produce your Products

Souricing of Raw Materials

Private Label Manufacturers

Market Price Comparison

Our team is familiar with the challenges that international buyers encounter when searching for Brazilian products to import. Due to the language barrier and the complex export process in Brazil, many buyers require assistance with contacting and finalizing purchase orders with Brazilian suppliers or manufacturers. Additionally, clients need assurance that their products comply with all US import regulations before they arrive at US ports of entry, in order to minimize the risk of cargo holds.

To address these issues, we offer comprehensive services to help our clients navigate the entire procurement and export process in Brazil. Our team has the language skills and cultural knowledge necessary to communicate effectively with Brazilian suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that you are able to secure the products you need.

We also provide expert guidance to ensure that your products comply with all US import regulations, reducing the likelihood of any delays or complications upon arrival in the US. With our support, you can import goods from Brazil with confidence, knowing that all necessary steps have been taken to minimize risk and ensure a successful transaction.

We are committed to providing personalized and professional services to our clients, helping you overcome any obstacles and achieve your business goals in the Brazilian market.

Consultation Services Include:

Manufacturer Search

Manufacturer Qualification

Manufacturer and PO Management

Brazil Trade and Export Compliance

Brazil Operational Risk Analysis

Manufacturer Export Permit

Export Documentation

Export Payment Process

Export and Import Services

Our company specializes in export and import consultancy services for commodities sourced from Brazil to the United States of America. Based in the US, we offer expert guidance to new entrants in international trade who are seeking to source products from Brazil for export to countries around the world, with a particular focus on the US market.

Our consultancy services cover all aspects of procurement, logistics, and export/import clearance in both Brazil and the US, providing our clients with end-to-end support throughout the entire process. We have extensive experience navigating the complex bureaucratic procedures involved in international trade, and we leverage this expertise to help our clients minimize risk and maximize profitability.

Whether you are a new business seeking to establish a foothold in the Brazilian market or an established player looking to expand your operations, we have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve your goals. With our expert guidance and support, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of international trade and achieve success in the Brazilian market.

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