Procurement Services in Brazil

Brazil is a country with many products that customers all over the world want to buy. If you are a new buyer in the Brazil market, it is critical to have specialized procurement services and a trustworthy trade specialist company on your side. can help foreign customers looking for any product made in Brazil because it is a licensed export and import business in Brazil.
We have helped many international buyers procure solutions in Brazil across all industries. finds, negotiates, and exports orders of all sizes on behalf of our clients.

Meet Manufacturers in Brazil understands the challenges that International Buyers face when looking for Brazilian products to import. Many Buyers require assistance in contacting and finalizing a purchase order with a Brazilian Supplier or Manufacturer due to the language barrier and understanding the high bureaucratic process for exporting a product from Brazil.


Find the Right Manufacturer for your Products

Market Research to assure best Price

Transportation, Logistics and Customs Clearance

Global Shipping via Ocean and air Freight

Sourcing and Exportation Process:

  1. Client sends us information of the Product required in Brazil. If you source from another country, please send specifications and data

  2. We analyze your product and specifications and confirm if the product is produced in Brazil

  3. Search qualified manufactures and Producers that meet your required Quality Specifications

  4. Provide Preliminary Pricing for Client to Compare to other Markets

  5. Provide quotation including customs clearance, domestic transport and logistics.

Categories We Specialize in:

  • Agriculture Products and Machinery

  • Automotive and Fleet Parts

  • Engineering and Machinery Products

  • Computers and IT Accessories

  • Household Goods

  • Outdoor Sports

  • Office Furniture and Accessorizes

  • Food Services

  • Maintenance Repair and Operating Supplies

  • Electronics

  • Home Decor & Interiors

  • Construction Supplies

  • Childcare Supplier

Ocean & Airfreight to safe Destinations

Insurance Coverage provided for all Cargo

Variety of INCOTERM 2020 Options

Ground Transportation and Storage

Global Logistics Services works with a globally recognized International Freight Forwarder to provide cheap Ocean Freight and Airfreight Quotes for shipments to international seaports and airports. may give optional Warehouse Storage and Transport quotations to clients who require cargo storage in Brazil. You may rest assured that your cargo is in good hands while it is being stored.

Points of International Departure in Brazil:

Airfreight Cargo departing from Brazil utilize these main international cargo terminals below.

  • RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport in RIo de Janeiro,
  • Sao Paulo International Airport
  • Viracopos International Airport

Cargo are normally loaded on Aircraft and depart Brazil 2-3 business days after delivery to Logistics Agent at Airport of departure.

Majority of Brazilian Goods are exported via Ocean Freight from major seaports throughout Brazil. We ship to Any World Safe Port (ASWP), excluding Countries currently in Sanctions or considered War Zone.

  • Port of Santos, SP
  • Port of Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Fast Airfreight Shipping from GRU Airport, Sao Paulo

LCL or FCL Ocean Freight Shipping from Santos, SP

Courier Shipping for Samples and Small Orders

B2B Procurement and Sourcing Specialists in Brazil is a registered Trading, Import and Exporting Company in Brazil with CNPJ: 11.343.847/0001-95 and located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We specialize in assisting International Buyers seeking to import products from Brazil at competitive pricing and logistics assistance.

Our Team is experienced in finding the right product that fits your needs, provide all exportation registration services in Brazil, Internal Logistical and customs clearance. For US Buyers, we also offer Importation and Delivery services in all 50 States.If you are looking for a product we do not offer, we offer Specialized Sourcing and Procurement Services for all goods produced in Brazil.

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