Buying Acai Pulp in Brazil


Frozen Acai Pulp is a hot commodity on the market now as the world is discovering the potential health benefits and lucrative opportunity in Acai pulp products. receive lots of inquiries a week from customers ranging from franchises to startup businesses seeking to import acai products. Today’s blog is to provide information for newcomers in the industry seeking to buy and import acai products directly from Brazil.


1. Acai Pulp is produced from the Acai berry normally found in the northern states of Brazil, especially the state of Para.

2. Acai Berries are immediately made into pulp due to the fact that Acai Berries spoil soon after being picked from the tree.

3. Acai Frozen Pulp normally comes in 2 types of concentration – 12% Concentration (normal) and 14% Concentration (premium).

4. Frozen Acai Pulp can be purchased sweetened or unsweetened.

5. Customers can buy unsweetened acai pulp and sweeten  with guarana syrup or powder

6. The normal packaging for Acai is 100g packets

7. There are also 1kg packets. And for commercial and distribution grade, there are 10kg, 20kg, 50,kg and 180kg containers.

8. Acai Pulp is considered a Perishable Good and must be shipped via Industry Regulations for perishable goods

9. Acai frozen pulp can only be shipped refrigerated or packed with Dry Ice to maintain the temperature.

10. Due to Shipping Industry regulations, Refrigerated container also known as “Reefer” cannot be shared or shipped “LCL”

11. Buyers needing small quantities of Acai have to ship airfreight to their port of destination. Airfreight of Perishable goods is very expensive and increases the Unit Cost of Acai tremendously. It is cheaper for small quantity buyers to purchase

11. Buyers needing small quantities of Acai have to ship airfreight to their port of destination. Ocean shipment requires Buyer to ship FCL “Full Container Load”

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