Red Habanero Pepper Products

The Red Habanero Pepper is one of the most requested pepper products in the world. Countless hot sauces and products use the Habanero Pepper for its spice, heat and flavor. The Red Habanero pepper is widely grown in Brazil and used domestically in meals. Brazil’s red habanero pepper is grown year round all over the country. The Habanero Pepper is processed in a Pepper mash or puree for domestic Hot Sauce producers in Brazil.

We assist buyers of Kosher Certified Habanero Pepper Mash and Puree from Brazil. By Partnering with local Brazilian Pepper Farmers and Producers, we are able to supply and export Bulk Habanero Mash and Puree to international buyers and hot sauce producers seeking high quality Habanero Peppers for their production. In addition, we provide the Red Savine, or Rabanero pepper ( J11 ) widely grown in Brazil and popular for its stronger heat than the Red Habanero.

If you are looking for a new source for your Habanero Mash and Puree, please contact for pricing, specifications and samples prepared to your specifications and instructions.

Red Habanero Pepper Mash and Puree

Produced from Brazilian Red Habanero Peppers

pH and Acidity per Buyer Specifications

2021 Habanero Crop and Processed at Order

Kosher Certified Mash and Puree Peppers

Bulk Shipment in 200 Liter Non Flex Barrels

Global Shipping & Year Round Supply

Red Habanero Pepper Heat

Scoville SHU Heat Index

Export and Import Services

We are a Export and Import Consultancy Company that specializes in the sourcing, exportation and importation of Commodities from Brazil to the United Sates of America. Based in the United States, We provide expert advise to our clients that are new to international trade and plan to source products from Brazil to countries around the world, especially the United States. We can guide your business in procurement of products in the Brazilian Market and Project Management of Logistics and Export / Import Clearance in Brazil and the United States.

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