Rise to Fame of the Malagueta Pepper

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The Malagueta Pepper, you probably not heard about it but i can guarantee you have tasted it sometime or the other as its fame continues to grow. The Malagueta Pepper is not as famous as the Habanero or in the Guinness Book or Records like the Carolina Reaper Pepper, but the Malagueta Pepper is definitely rising in the ranks of the Pepper world.

Origins of the Malagueta Pepper

There are many different stories about the origin of the Malagueta Pepper in Brazil, but many believe it was brought to Brazil by Slaves transported from Africa to work on the plantations of Brazil.

However, the Malagueta Pepper is a staple product in the North of Brazil, especially in Bahia which has a heavy Afro Brazilian population.

How Brazilians Use Malagueta Pepper

The Malagueta Pepper is widely used in Brazil and can be considered the most famous pepper in Brazil. If you visit restaurants in Brazil and ask for hot sauce for your food, 9 out of 10 times the waiter will bring Malagueta Peppers in Vinegar or Malagueta Sauce to use with your food.

Malagueta Pepper can be found in many homes in Brazil and is widely consumed by Pepper Lovers in Brazil


Growth of Malagueta in Foreign Markets

The Malagueta Pepper is becoming a known name in the North American market and European market. Today, many Hot Sauce companies in the US are using the Malagueta Peppers in the recipe to add its unique taste to their sauces.

United States Importers and Hot Sauce producers are importing thousands of kilograms of Malagueta Peppers every year for distribution or production of Hot Sauces.

The Malagueta pepper is imported is normally imported as Malagueta Pepper in Vinegar Conserve and Malagueta Puree.

Malagueta Pepper in Vinegar Conserve

Peppers are considered Fruits and must be processed and packaged with care due to its short life span after harvesting. The Malagueta Pepper is not any different and has to be processed within days after harvesting to preserve its qualities.

By adding Vinegar Conserve to the Malagueta Pepper, you can prolong its validity for up to 2 years. First you wash the Malagueta to remove dirt and impurities, and then add the vinegar to conserve the peppers.

This allows the peppers to be sealed in a barrel and can be shipped with ocean freight and stored in your warehouse for up to 2 years before use.

Malagueta Pepper Puree

Just like every other pepper in the world, the Malagueta can be ground and processed into Puree. The Malagueta Puree is mainly used by Hot Sauce Producers or Food Manufacturers needing Malagueta Puree ready on arrival. The Malagueta Puree is the best fit for producers that dont want to worry about grinding and processing the Malagueta Peppers on arrival.

Normally Salt and vinegar brine is added to the Puree during processing. However it is important for Importers and Hot Sauce producers to provide the Manufacturer of the Puree the exact specifications of puree it needs or a standard puree might not work well with your recipe.

How do i get Malagueta Pepper

Malagueta Peppers are normally sold all over the US and Europe in Hot Sauces or Malagueta in Vinegar for consumer use. If you are looking for a large quantity of Malagueta Peppers for your Hot Sauce Brand or for distribution, its not easy to find and the costs will be high.

Shipfrombrazil.com is a supplier and exporter of Malagueta Peppers in vinegar and Puree forms to Europe and the United States. If you need 100kg to 5000kg of Malagueta Pepper, we can assist Buyers with their orders. We also assist US Importers and Buyers with importation and delivery in the United States.

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