Import Trinidad Scorpion Powder

   Trinidad Scorpion Powder

The Trinidad Scorpion Powder, also know as the Trinidad Butch T Pepper is an intensely hot Pepper native to Trinidad and Tobago. This Exceptionally Hot Pepper is among the original Hot Peppers that  hit the Consumer market. Derived from the Capsicum Chinense Group, this pepper is a favorite among Hot Pepper Lovers all over the world.

The Scorpion Pepper is the second on the World’s Hottest Pepper list, with an average rating of 1,200,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and a million units less hotter than the reining champ – The Carolina Reaper Pepper.

The Trinidad scorpion has glossy, smooth texture skin with deep grooves all over the body. Its called the Trinidad Scorpion because it origin is from Trinidad and has a bottom with a scorpion like tip hanging out.

Pure Trinidad Scorpion Powder

We specialize in the Supply and Exportation of Pure Scorpion Reaper Peppers grown and processed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Scorpion Pepper Powder is 100 Percent Pure and does not contain other peppers as fillers or additive. You will feel the intense heat of the 2nd Hottest Pepper in the World as soon as it hits your mouth

Grown in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Produced from Dehydrated Peppers

No Additives or Fillers

Easy Worldwide Shipping

Scorpion Pepper Heat Index (SHU)

The Scorpion Pepper is ranked #2 on the Scoville Scale among Peppers and is second only to the Carolina Reaper Pepper. This Pepper is not to be joked with and gives an intense and unimaginable Pepper heat to users that try the Pepper or its powder.

Scoville SHU Heat Index


Pure Trinidad Moruga Powder


The Scorpion powder is the most common form of this intensely hot pepper found on the market for consumer use. The Peppers are dried using a Thermal Heat Machine and grounded to a fine powder. The Scorpion Powder is 100 Percent Pure. It takes about 10 to 15 kg of Scorpion Pepper to produce 1kg of the Pure Powder.


Information about Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Powder

  • 100 Percent Pure Scorpion Peppers in powder
  • 10kg to 15kg of dehydrated Scorpion Peppers make 1kg of Pure Powder
  • Packaged in 1kg Vacuum Sealed Packs
  • Perfect for Startup Pepper Brand, Restaurants, Food Manufacturers.

Packaging and Shipping

  • Scorpion Moruga Powder is packaged in 1kg Transparent Plastic

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