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We are an Export and Import Trade Consulting Company based in the United States that provides comprehensive Trade assistance for Companies sourcing and importing products from Brazil to the United States. For companies who are already sourcing and importing from Brazil to New Businesses that need guidance on how to purchase their inventory or raw materials in Brazil. 

Please contact us if you are :

  • Finding difficulty sourcing or communicating with your supplier
  • Understand the Export Process and Regulations in Brazil
  • Logistics Management of your Order from Brazil to the United States
  • Understand US And Brazil Trade Compliance
  • USA Import Solutions
  • Planning to move your Sourcing Operations to Brazil

As every client has a unique product, problem and risk, its our goal to understand what your company needs and provide detailed solution to mitigate and resolve your risks..

Export Consultation Services

Brazil Trade Specialists

We assist International Buyers new to the Brazilian Market and need guidance in sourcing and importing products from Brazil.
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Brazil to USA Imports

USA Import Services

We provide US Import Services for Clients sourcing products from Brazil but need assistance importing into the United States
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Logistics Management

Manufacturer and PO Management

Brazil Trade and Export Compliance

Operational Risk Analysis

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Import and Customs Clearance