Import Goods from Brazil to USA provides importation Services for American Importers, Distributors, Importers and small businesses that need essential products from Brazil but do not have the resources needed for meeting United States importation requirements. is partnered with BGC Global Inc in the United States to perform all importation duties for our clients located in the United States.

HOW TO IMPORT GOODS FROM BRAZIL TO USA: and BGC Global Inc. provide the following services on behalf of our Clients in the United States

  • BGC Global Inc. will be the Official Consignee for importation of Cargo into the United States.
  • ISF for Ocean Freight shipment will be registered 24 hours before departure of vessel
  • We assist Brazilian Manufacturer with the FDA Food Facility Registration, if needed
  • We perform all Customs Clearance services and approvals by required US govt agencies at Airport & Seaport of Arrival in the United States
  • We provide transport & delivery services to Buyers warehouse or facility

Quotation & Pricing provides an inclusive quotation to American Buyers seeking full  logistics and importation service for their goods. By partnering with network of Freight Forwarders, Warehouse and Transportation companies in the United States, we are confident to provide you a competitive quote for our services.

Our Quotation will include for import goods from brazil:

  • Export Registration & Customs Clearance Services in Brazil
  • Airfreight or Ocean Freight from Brazil to Port of Arrival in the United States
  • United States Customs Registration, Terminal Cargo Handling, Customs Bond, warehousing & Import Duties
  • Delivery from Port of Arrival to your facility in the United States.

Logistics & Transport

Airfreight Services will be departing from RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport, Sao Paulo International Airport or Viracopos International Airport, depending on where you goods are located in Brazil.

Ocean Freight Services will be departing from the Port of Santos, SP or other Brazilian major seaports depending on the location of your goods.

Ground Transportation Services are provided by insured Trucking companies located in the United States. Quote will be based on the final address of delivery provided by Buyer. 

Excluded Goods

We do not import goods or cargo that are illegal in Brazil or the United States. In addition, we do not work with goods that require special US Government approvals or licenses for importation into the United States such as Fire Arms & Alcohol. & BGC Global Inc. reserves the right to review and reject of  Import Service requests to confirm if our importation services can be performed on your goods and cargo.


Brazil Telephone: +55 21 99491.8887
International Telephone: +1 682 747 6348

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