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How to Buy Yellow Corn in Brazil

Posted by on  December 12, 2019

Category: Product Blog
Its no secret that Brazil is one of the largest exporters of Yellow Corn to countries around the world. In 2019, with the ongoing Trade War between the United States and China, Brazil experienced an unprecedented surge in Yellow Corn Exports especially from Chinese Buyers forced to cancel contracts with US Corn Suppliers and Iranian Importers buying in Brazil due to the US Sanctions on Iran. In the accumulated of 2019, Brazil has already  exported
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Since 2016, has assisted international buyers seeking goods in Brazil. We have received all types of inquiries for products in Brazil. From standard products, to products we have never heard about or sometimes products that may be legal in Brazil but violates laws in the destination country. Once we receive a request from a prospective buyer seeking a product in Brazil, it is our staff duty to fully understand your product and your needs. 
Understanding Incoterm 2010

Understanding INCOTERM 2010 in Brazil

Posted by on  June 28, 2018

Category: Product Blog
UNDERSTANDING INCOTERMS 2010 IN BRAZIL Understanding INCOTERMS 2010 is highly essential for buyers seeking to purchase goods from Brazil. This could be the difference in making a profit on your purchase or having unexpected costs during the logistics process of your purchase. WHAT IS INCOTERMS 2010 The Incoterms or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) relating to international commercial law. They are used
Acai Products in Brazil

Quality Acai Powder in Brazil

Posted by on  June 19, 2018

Category: Product Blog
Acai Powder in Brazil offers 3 kinds of Acai Powder for our International Buyers seeking quality Acai Powder from Brazil. By partnering with local Acai manufacturers, we are able to provide Acai powder products of all quality, process and price range to fit your target price and market needs. PROCESS FOR MAKING ACAI POWDER Freeze Dried Acai: The natural pulp extracted from Açaí is dehydrated by the Freeze-Drying system, which aims to better preserve
buy Frozen Pulp from brazil

Buying Acai Pulp in Brazil

Posted by on  June 18, 2018

Category: Product Blog
QUICK INFORMATION ON BUYING ACAI IN BRAZIL Frozen Acai Pulp is a hot commodity on the market now as the world is discovering the potential health benefits and lucrative opportunity in Acai pulp products. receive lots of inquiries a week from customers ranging from franchises to startup businesses seeking to import acai products. Today’s blog is to provide information for newcomers in the industry seeking to buy and import acai products directly from Brazil.

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