Understanding the Export Process in Brazil


Many clients who are making their first purchase from Brazil are unaware that manufacturers or suppliers in Brazil require an export license in order to sell products to international clients. Many times, these products are paid for and then the buyer is informed that it is impossible to ship the products.Brazil export process is bureaucratic and complicated, and you will need the assistance of an experienced Trade Specialist.

Allow Shipfrombrazil.com to assist you with your Brazilian exportation request. We are a Brazilian Exporting Company that provides full procurement, logistics, and exporting services.

Locate the Best Manufacturer

To ensure the greatest price, market research is conducted.

Customs clearance, transportation, and logistics

Ocean and air freight shipping across the world

We Provide Export Services in these Sectors:


  • Machinery and agricultural products
  • Parts for Vehicles and Fleets
  • Products of engineering and equipment
  • IT Accessories and Computers
  • Goods of the House
  • Furniture and accessories Outdoor Sports Office
  • Services for food
  • Repair and operational supplies for maintenance
  • Electronics
  • Home interior and decor
  • Building supplies
  • Supplier of Childcare

Ocean and airfreight to secure locations

All Cargo is covered by insurance.

A Wide Range of INCOTERM 2020 Options

Storage and Ground Transportation

Brazil’s B2B Procurement and Sourcing Experts

Shipfrombrazil.com is a registered Trading, Import, and Exporting Company in Brazil with the CNPJ: 11.343.847/0001-95 and is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We specialize in assisting International Buyers who want to import products from Brazil at competitive prices and with logistics support.

Our team has extensive experience in locating the best product for your needs, as well as providing all exportation registration services in Brazil, internal logistics, and customs clearance. We also provide Importation and Delivery services in all 50 states for US buyers. If you are looking for a product that we do not sell, we provide Specialized Sourcing and Procurement Services for all Brazilian-made goods.


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