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If you’re looking to import goods from Brazil to the USA, it’s important to have the expertise of an experienced trading company to handle the process. is a trusted import/export company that can be your representative in Brazil, using our RADAR Export License to purchase and ship goods on behalf of manufacturers who may not have the necessary exportation license. With our help, you can confidently import from Brazil and avoid the complex legal and logistical requirements. We can also assist you in finding reliable suppliers and negotiating favorable prices and terms. Let be your go-to trading company for importing from Brazil to the USA

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Exporting from Brazil

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Ship From Brazil to USA with Ease

Our experienced team in Brazil will work with the seller to finalize your purchase, arrange ground transportation to the departure point, handle customs clearance in Brazil, oversee shipping, and manage import clearance in the USA. We understand that timely delivery is crucial for your business, and we strive to ensure that your cargo arrives on time. Trust to handle all of your import needs from Brazil to the USA.


Close Sale with Seller in Brazil

Logistics & Customs Clearance in Brazil

Ocean or Airfreight to USA Ports

USA Customs Clearance & Delivery

Exporting & Trade Company in Brazil

Coordinate Logistics to Ports in Brazil

Customs Clearance Process in Brazil

Buyer Listed as Cargo Cosignee

ISF, FDA Prior Notices Process

Customs Clearance / Bond

Payment for Logistics and Taxes

Pickup or Cargo Delivery Options

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