Import from Brazil to USA

Importing goods from Brazil to the United States is a complicated process because both countries have laws and procedures in place that govern how to export and import products. Many US Small Businesses and Manufacturers import from Brazil on a monthly basis because they require commodities that can only be manufactured in Brazil.

Our primary objective is to import goods from Brazil to the United States for US businesses seeking  commodities in Brazil but without headache of importation bureaucracy.

Industrial and Product Sectors

We provide expert consultation services for our clients sourcing various products in Brazil. We search and introduce you to various manufacturers in various sectors capable of supplying the product that you need. In the event that a manufacturer does not have the necessary permits to export your products, we can assist the manufacturer in obtaining an export Permit also called a RADAR . 

  • Agriculture Equipment

  • Bulk Auto Equipment

  • Engineering and Machinery Products

  • Building Materials

  • Work Out and Outdoor Sports

  • Office Supplies and Furniture

  • Food Services

  • Maintenance Repair and Operating Supplies

  • Electronics

  • Home Decor & Interiors

  • Construction Supplies

  • Childcare Products

Import and Export Expertise

Brazil Exportation

USA Importation

Consultation Services Include:

Product Classification

Logistics Management

Manufacturer and PO Management

Brazil Trade and Export Compliance

Operational Risk Analysis

Financial Payment Analysis

USA Import Compliance

Import and Customs Clearance