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We specialize in helping international clients procure products from Brazil. With a deep understanding of the Brazilian market, we’ve successfully connected global buyers with the right manufacturers.

Our main goal is to understand your needs in Brazil and provide comprehensive consultation for clients seeking manufacturers or sourcing products for importation into the United States. We guide you through the procurement and export phases in Brazil, ensuring compliance with both Brazilian and US regulations.

If your manufacturer lacks an export permit in Brazil, we assist them in obtaining the necessary Export Permit or RADAR from the Brazilian government. This streamlines the importation process, saving you time and money.

Committed to simplifying procurement, our team offers personalized and comprehensive services, ensuring your success in the Brazilian market. Whether you’re an experienced importer or a new business seeking guidance, we’re here to help you navigate international trade complexities and succeed in your business endeavors. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the procurement process for our clients, offering personalized and comprehensive services to ensure your success in the Brazilian market. Whether you’re a seasoned importer or a new business seeking guidance, we are here to help you navigate the complex landscape of international trade and succeed in your business endeavors.

Understand your Need in Brazil

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Brazil Export Consultation

USA Import Consultation

Our team understands the challenges international buyers face when searching for Brazilian products to import. Language barriers and the complex export process in Brazil often require assistance in communicating with suppliers and finalizing purchase orders. Additionally, ensuring compliance with US import regulations is crucial to minimize the risk of delays at US ports.

To address these challenges, we provide comprehensive services to guide clients through the entire procurement and export process in Brazil. Our team has the language skills and cultural knowledge to effectively communicate with Brazilian suppliers, facilitating successful product acquisition.

We offer expert guidance to ensure your products comply with all US import regulations, reducing the risk of delays or complications upon arrival. With our support, you can confidently import goods from Brazil, knowing that steps have been taken to minimize risk and ensure a smooth transaction.

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