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Shipfrombrazil.com is a Trading & Distribution Company specializing in High Quality Food Products from Brazil. We work exclusively with top Brazilian manufacturers and brands seeking to expand into International Markets. Our Mission is to provide Brazilian Products directly from Brazil to International Buyers. In addition, we work as a Distributor mainly in North America for Wholesalers & Retailers seeking sought after products from Brazil.  

Our Main Products for Exportation Worldwide & Distribution in North America: • Green Brazilian Arabica Coffee Beans •Roasted Premium Arabica Coffee • Namorado Rice • Brazilian Beans • Gourmet Rice • B.You Acai Smoothie in Tetra Pack •USDA Certified Organic Acai Pulp •Brazilian Designer Brand Sportswear •Brazilian Bikinis • USDA Organic Roasted Arabica Coffee • Hearts of Palm

Shipfrombrazil.com works specifically in these Channels:  • Direct Export from Brazil  •Import Services into United States, Canada & Mexico  • Online Retail to Consumers in North America via Walmart.com and Amazon.com (2018)  • Distribution Services in USA  • Importation & Distribution of Foreign Brands in Brazil

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  • WHATSAPP BUSINESS: +1 (682)747-6348
  • BRAZIL TELEPHONE: +55 (21)994941-8887
  • USA / INTERNATIONAL: +1 (682)747-6348

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Shipfrombrazil.com Comercio, Importacoes e Exportacoes Limitada                                                      CNPJ: 11.343.847/0001-95                                            Address: Avenida Alfredo Balthazar da Silveria, 580, Recreiro dos Bandeirantes. Rio de Janeiro.                       Tel: +55.21.99491.8887

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Shipfrombrazil.com LLC                                                Registered & Incorporated in the State of Wyoming    Duns & Bradstreet No: 080209490                                 Tel: +1.682.747.6348