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About Shipfrombrazil.com

Shipfrombrazil.com Comércio, Importações e Exportações LTDA is a registered Exporting and Trading Limited Company with our Main Office in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. We specialize in the Exportation of High Quality Products only manufactured in Brazil. Shipfrombrazil.com was created in 2015 after we realized the need of an exporting company that understands the needs of International Clients seeking Commodities and products in Brazil but had difficulty due to the Language Barrier. Our personnel consist of English & Portuguese speaking professionals that can communicate with International Clients and ensure your purchase requirements are met in Brazil.
Shipfrombrazil.com partners with local Brazilian Farms and Cooperativas in Minas Gerais, Parana, Rio Grande De Sul and Matto Grosso to purchase Agricultural Commodities at Internal Market Rates. We perform all transportation and logistics from Farms and Producers to various Ports in Brazil in order to reduce costs and pass the savings to our Clients. We also partner with various Brazilian businesses that seek to enter new International Markets.
Our Main Product Lines include but not limited to:
Arabica Green Coffee Beans, Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans, Soybeans and Soymeal, Yellow corn and Yellow Cornmeal, Wholesale Brazilian Bikinis and Sportswear, Brazilian Perfumes and Personal Beauty Products, Coconut Water Beverage Carts, Frozen Acai and Natural Fruit Pulps, Brazilian White and Long Grain Rice
We offer export registration services for Clients seeking to purchase products from Brazilian Manufacturers that do not export. We purchase the products on your behalf in Brazil and register your products in the SISOMEX System per Brazilian Export Regulations.

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Shipfrombrazil.com Comércio, Importações e Exportações LTDA
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