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Brazil is a country of many products that customers around the world are interested in purchasing. From food products to engineering parts, Brazil has many products that you need at affordable prices compared to western countries.

As a licensed export & import company in Brazil, can assist international clients seeking any product manufactured in Brazil. We have assisted many international buyers in procurement services in all industries in Brazil. No order is too small or big for to find, negotiate and export on behalf of our clients.

Many international buyers are unaware that an export license is required by a manufacturer to export products from Brazil. Once a buyer negotiates and pays a manufacturer, a manufacture without an export permit normally requires the buyer to seek a trading company in Brazil to perform the export registration. Majority of Trading companies in Brazil will charge a minimum of 10% of the total value with a minimum charge of $800 – $1500 for their services. This fees exclude customs fees, registration, logistics and etc.


A Brazilian Company is registered and approved in Siscomex, to operate in export and import in Brazil. With a Registration in Siscomex, can perform export and import services in brazil.

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PROCUREMENT SERVICES performs procurement services for clients seeking a product in Brazil but do not know how to contact the manufacturer or sellers. We provide Procurement Services for all range of products from engineering, food, cosmetics, equipment, spare parts and many other products. We request for buyers to send us the specifications, brand name, manufacturer or picture of the products you need and our procurement team will contact the Brazilian manufacturer to receive a quotation for your product.     All products will be purchased domestically and may be subject to domestic taxes. 

EXPORT REGISTRATION & LOGISTICS SERVICES provides export registration services for clients that already negotiated and closed the purchase of a product with Brazilian manufacturers. If your Manufacturer or seller does not have an Export Registration License in Brazil, can provide you a quotation for export registration and clearance services using our RADAR / SISCOMEX export license. We can provide export registration, customs broker and logistics services. 


  1. Contact via email at or whatsapp (+55) 21 994918887

  2. Provide us details about the product or service that you need. The more information you provide, will allow us to find your product and contact the Brazilian manufacturer to commence the procurement services. 

  3. requests a quote from the manufacturer and provides quotation + export clearance  + logistics to the customer

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For more information on how to start your procurement of products from brazil. please feel free to contact us.

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