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The Brazilian E-Commerce market is regarded as on the largest Online Shopping Markets in the Southern Hemisphere. Second, only to the United States. The Brazilian Ecommerce market has witnessed an incredible boom in the last few years due to technological innovations and a consumer market eager to expand their buying Power away from Markets, small shops and national chain Retailers.

Today, Brazilians have an increasing variety of online shops that sell everything from groceries, foods, clothes to goods that just a few years ago was hard to find. The economic boom of the 2000’s lifted many Brazilian Families to the middle class. The Banking System improved and millions now had access to credit cards and bank cards. Web Sites like were created. Existing Brick and Mortar stores such as Casa bahia, Loja Americana and many more, had to adapt to the future or risk becoming another failed store in the history books. and Walmart extended their global retail war into Brazil but were met with setbacks due to lack of infrastructure, logistics and understanding of the Brazilian Buying mentality. Both companies lost millions of dollars and decided it was best to retreat from Brazil. In 2018, decided it had learned from its past mistakes and decided to reenter the Brazilian Market with a redesigned strategy.

With many online stores, Sellers and millions of products for sale, the Brazilian Ecommerce market has begun to catch the attention of Foreigners seeking to buy products in Brazil at a discount or not available in their country. But there is a catch. Its quite impossible for foreigners to buy directly from Brazil Ecommerce stores for various reasons that we will discuss


Domestic Sales are a Priority

Buy on Brazilian Ecommerce Shops

Majority of Brazilian Marketplaces and Online stores are focused on the domestic Market. Unlike online stores such as Amazon, Wish and Ebay that provide international services and Buyers from all over the world, Brazilian Online Stores are focused on sales in Brazil. This is not just unique to Brazil. For Example, If a Brazilian wants to purchase a product on Mercado Livre Argentina or Chile, its quite impossible to complete the Transaction as these Marketplaces are also focused on domestic sales.


International Shipping is expensive

Shop Online in Brazil

Brazil has an extensive logistics network mainly dominated by Correios ( Brazil’s Public Post Office) and a handful of growing private Logistics company like Loggi and Jadlog. Ecommerce packages can be shipped to any location in Brazil in 2 to 20 Days depending on the price you pay. You also have the international courier giants such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT in the Brazilian Market. But their prices are much higher than average but provide faster shipping and better customer service. For International Shipping to locations outside Brazil, then your options are limited. Basically Ecommerce Sellers can mail your product with Correios or Courier Giants like Fedex and UPS. 

Many Online Shops and Ecommerce Marketplace do not like to ship internationally due to the high cost of Shipping. Expect to pay over a R100 reais for shipping a small package to the United States with Correios and it is a minimum of $50 to send a document to the United States with UPS and FedEx. Secondly, most marketplaces and Online Shops do not have the system to automatically show the price of mailing your product in your checkout cart to an international address. This means the seller has to take your package to the post office, weight and get the price to just ship to you. Its a lot of work to just close a sale of a product that the Courier fee is higher than their product.


Need a CPF to Checkout

Ways to buy online in Brazil


Majority of Brazilian online Stores or marketplaces will ask you for a CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) or CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica) during the checkout process on their page. A CPF is like a Social Security Number or Individual tax registration number. A CNPJ is a business registration number. Basically it is an identification number the Brazilian Government uses to identify your financial transactions for taxing purposes.

So if you dont live in Brazil or decided to request a CPF from Receita Federal during your stay in Brazil, you will not have a CPF to be able to checkout and make payment on Brazilian E-Commerce sites.


Foreign Bank Card Denied


Shop online from Brazilian online shopping

When i arrived Brazil in 2014, it was quite impossible to shop online without a Brazilian Bank Card. Today, more and more stores are accepting International Bank Cards with Visa or MasterCard, but it depends on the Marketplace and the Payment Processor used by the Store.But you will hit a wall during checkout as Brazilian Sites require a CPF and Brazilian Address to complete the checkout.

For example, a Buyer from New York is on the checkout page. Luckily he has travelled through Brazil in the past and has a CPF. The Buyer wants to use his Debit Card from Chase bank. During checkout, the site asks for his address in Brazil, no option for US Addresses. He cannot continue as the Site’s payment processor will verify the provided Details against the Bank Records and his Debit Card provider will most likely decline the purchase. Many Clients ask about 3rd party options like PayPal. Although PayPal can work, it has to be a payment option accepted by the Brazilian Seller or marketplace. 

Many Brazilian Sellers do not accept Paypal for international payments because the fees and exchange rate are too expensive. 


So How Can i Buy Online in Brazil

By now, Readers can understand why many Brazilian Ecommerce marketplace and Online Stores choose not to sell internationally. However there is a solution that allows Buyers to purchase online in Brazil. now provides Ecommerce Payment and Forwarding Services for international buyers seeking to shop online in Brazil. We take care of the entire process for you. We purchase your product, send to our office and forward to you via Brazilian Post Office, UPS or FedEx to any address in the world.


  1. Buyer sends us the URL for the product that he or she wants to Buy
  2. Our staff reviews your request and sends a quote including Price of Product and domestic shipping to our address.
  3. Buyer sends us Payment and we complete the checkout and purchase of his or her product.
  4. We receive your package, inspect and send you photos before repackaging for international shipping.
  5. We ship your product to the address provided and send Buyer a copy of Mailing Invoice and tracking number.
  6. Buyer sends us payment for Shipping costs.

Simple, Fast and takes only a few days of waiting. does not provide these service for products considered illegal in Brazil, products that require Government agency approvals or has a value of more than R$3000 Brazilian Reais.


To Learn more about our Services, please visit our Ecommerce Services Page and send us the URL and Product you need and we will send you a quote for the Services. 

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