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We are direct Exporters of high quality Brazilian Acai Pulp produced in Belem, Para. The Best Acai Berry Pulp produced in Brazil and exported to Clients around the World. partners with top experienced Acai Pulp producers in Belem to provide international clients seeking International Organic Certified Acai Pulp for the Business.

The Acai Pulp is one of the most sought after Frozen Product requested by importers everyday. This product is growing in popularity everyday all over the world with buyers seeking information on how to export directly from Brazil. The Acai Pulp is packed with nutrients that support every aspect of your lifestyle. Its antioxidants help keep you young longer. Feel great with the vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids that keep your muscles and organs healthy. Eating Acai Fruit Pulp everyday and reap the benefits.


Acai and its Benefits

Açaí is a native fruit of the Amazon and one of the main food sources of the population of the region. Very popular for its energetic power, the consumption of açaí have increased and expanded on a worldwide scale from other characteristics more recently verified, which has made açaí to be considered a superfruit. The Acai Berry provides the body with Fiber, Antioxidants and many other nutrients not found in other Fruits.

Can Help Prevent Cancer

Keeps your Heart Healthy

Speeds Up Metabolism and reduces Cholesterol

Strenghtens your Immune System

100% Natural Acai Berries

No Gluten, Lactose, Sodium or Trans Fat

No Preservatives and Food Coloring

Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins and Omega 6 and 9

International Certifications

Certifications for Acai Pulp

Types of Acai Pulp Available for Exportation

  • ( MEDIUM PULP) Acai Berry Pulp – 12 % Concentration. Also known as Medium Acai Berry Pulp

  • ( MEDIUM PULP WITH GUARANA) Acai Berry Pulp – 12% Concentration with Guarana

  • ( PREMIUM PULP) Acai Berry Pulp – 14% Concentration. Also referred to as Premium Acai Berry Pulp

  • ( PREMIUM PULP WITH GUARANA) Acai Berry Pulp – 14% Concentration with Guarana

Composition of the Pulp

The acai from different regions of the Amazon forest is harvested and threshed following strict quality criteria to avoid any interference with the taste and quality of the final product. Depending on the harvest season there may be changes in flavor and color.

Product obtained by pasteurizing process: the process eliminates possible pathogenic organisms guaranteeing the integrity, quality and microbiological safety of the product. Organic acai pulp, water and acidulant citric acid. There may be addition of acidulant citric acid. The product is free of potential allergens,


Store frozen at -18 ° C or cooler. Avoid sudden variations in temperature. Once thawed, do not refreeze. Do not store together with chemicals or other substances that may cause contamination.


24 months after the date of manufacture if stored under the conditions described.



Ship Acai from Brazil

  • Film in PP + PE pack of 100g. Secondary packaging, 6kg (60 x 100g) carton.
  • Film in PP + PE pack of 100g. Secondary packaging, PET + PE film in Pack of 400g (4 x 100g). Tertiary packaging, 8kg (20 x 4 x 100g) carton.
  • Film in PE, packaged in 1kg . Secondary packaging, 40kg raffia sack (40 x 1kg).
  • Bag in PE, packaged in 5kg. Secondary packaging, carton of 10kg (2 x 5kg).
  • Bucket in PP 18kg, with inner lining in PE bag.
  • Metal drum of 170kg, with inner lining in PE bag.

Transportation to Port or Airport


It is carried out in accordance with Good Transport Practices, in closed vehicles, with refrigeration equipment to maintain the storage temperature (-18°C), free of foreign materials and odors.


Kosher, Halal, Organic (BR, CE, US), Non-GMO, Vegan.

International Shipping is a Registered Brazilian Exporting company and will be responsible for all the Exportation process, customs clearance and documentation in Brazil. Our Products are shipped from major Brazilian Ports and Airports to all Airports and Seaports Worldwide. For Smaller orders, we can send to Buyer via Courier services such as FedEx.

Airfreight Shipping in Pallet with Dry Ice and Stored in Cold Freezer Warehouse

Ocean Freight Shipping for Full Container Loads (FCL). Reefer Container used.

Departs from Sap Paulo International Airport

Departs from Port of Vila do Conde, Para

Minimum Order Quantity

Airfreight Shipments – Minimum Quantity of 500kg
Ocean Freight Shipments – Minimum Quantity of 7 Pallets

Note: Reefer Containers for Ocean Freight cannot be shipped LCL as per Shipping Industry Regulations, Freezer Containers cannot be shared by different products due to Temperature requirements.


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