Organic Acai Pulp from Brazil

Organic Acai Pulp from Brazil is the standard for all acai products sold around the world. Although the acai is a very nutritious berry, Buyers, importers and consumers around the world only want Acai Pulp. This is because the consumption of organic foods decreases health problems caused by ingestion of toxic chemicals and substances used in today’s farming world. Organic foods are more nutritious based on scientific research. 

Our Acai Pulp is a Frozen Pulp produced from Acai Berries. To be Organic, the process from Planting to manufacturing the final Organic Acai pulp has to abide by the strict regulations of the Organic Certification governing boards. only exports 100% Acai Pulp certified in Brazil, Europe and the United States (USDA). The Acai Pulps are also Vegan, Halal,Kosher and Non GMO Certified. If you are interested in importing acai pulp from Brazil, please contact us at for competitive pricing, samples and quick shipping worldwide.

Organic Acai Certified in US, Brazil and Europe

Non GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan

Organic Acai Pulp with and without Guarana

Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins

Variety of Acai Pulp from Brazil

  • Medium Acai Berry Pulp without Guarana

  • Medium Acai Berry Pulp with Guarana (Sweet)

  • Premium Acai Berry Pulp without Guarana

  • Premium Acai Berry Pulp with Guarana (Sweet)

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