Red Savina Pepper Mash and Puree

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A typical Red habanero  and Red Savina plant is a bush with about 1 m in height and intermediate or erect growth habit. Its pod is lantern-shaped and is green in color when immature and red, orange, yellow, white or brown when ripe. Fruit size ranges from 2.9 to 6.0 cm long by 2.5 to 4.6 cm wide and 7 to 12 g. All the Peppers go through extensive selection, washing, sanitation and packaging before being exported to our customers.

The Production Process of the Peppers are performed in strict accordance with Brazilian Food Sanitation Regulations and International Food Safety Regulations. The Habanero and Red Savina Peppers are prepared, sanitized and packaged under strict Brazilian and international regulations.

There are no pesticides used in the growing of the Peppers. All Peppers produced are Kosher Certified.


Specification for Red Savina Mash and Puree

Especially suitable as a seasoning in sauces or in its dehydrated form, it can give life to dishes and result in perfect combinations. The complexity of flavor of Habanero chili peppers makes them unique and incomparable. It contains the spiciness of the capsicum chinense species along with a fruity and sweet touch. The Mash and Puree pepper is packed in barrels with a capacity of 200 kilos.

*Note: Sodium chloride, present in the product, is added to the chili peppers by the farmer who uses the Brine as a method of preservation of the Peppers after harvest.

APPEARANCE : Glossy Appearance with Wrinkles on the Pepper. Mash and Puree has the same consistency as the Habanero Mash and Puree. 

HOTNESS: 350,000 to 500,000 SHU

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Capsicum chinense, the result of a cross between Habanero and Naga Bhut Jolokia.

INGREDIENT STATEMENT FOR MASH & PUREE: Red Savina pepper, 9.3% alcohol vinegar, water and sodium chloride.


Color – Red / Orange for Whole Pepper and Red for Mash & Puree

Odor: Characteristic

Aspect: Characteristic

Temperature: 50-95°F

Brix: (°B): 05-13°B

Acidity: 0,10 – 0,40g/100mL

pH: <4,5

Pepper Mash

Pepper Puree

Certified Kosher

Commercial & Bulk

Production Process

Red Savina Harvested at Farm

Peppers preserved in Brine for Transport

Peppers are washed and brine removed

Peppers are ground to Puree and Mash

Vinegar and Salt added for Preservation

Packaged in
200l Barrels

KOSHER Certified Mash and Puree

FDA Food Facility Registration

Two Year Shelf Life for Mash and Puree

Import Red Savina Pepper Mash and Puree

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