Consolidated Shipping from Brazil

Ship From Brazil to USA requires the expertise of an experienced Trading Company in Brazil that can handle the export from Brazil and Import into the United States for their Clients.A trading import company is a company specialized in accompanying foreign or Brazilian companies in their importation processes. Many manufacturers in Brazil do not have the required exportation license needed to trade internationally. Let be your representative for Importation from Brazil. We use our RADAR Export License to purchase and ship your goods on behalf of your manufacture in Brazil. Import from Brazil with a Trading Company. Ship from Brazil to USA with us.

Freight Solutions for Small Businesses

American Buyers, Importers and Businesses can trust and expect that their products and cargo from Brazil are safely shipped to the USA in a timely Manner.

Our Team in Brazil will finalize your purchase with the Brazilian Seller, arrange ground transport to departure point, Customs Clearance in Brazil, Shipping, Import Clearance in USA and delivery if required.

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