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Malagueta puree for hot sauce production

Hot  Malagueta Sauce is becoming a famous product in the United States. Today, many hot sauce producers are implementing Malagueta peppers into their hot sauce recipe. is a supplier and exporter of Spicy Malagueta Sauce and puree produced in Minas Gerais Brazil. provides its clients with high quality  Whole and Puree Malagueta pepper. For Buyers in the United States, can provide DOOR x DOOR Services which includes Shipping, Customs Clearance and delivery at your warehouse or business location at all locations in the United States.


Production Process of Malagueta Pepper

Malagueta Peppers

The Malagueta Pepper Shrub requires 45 days to start producing its first peppers after planting and this same shrub can continue to supply malagueta peppers every 30 days for the next 2 years. Each Shrub produces about 400 grams of Malagueta Pepper every harvest period. 

After the ripe Malagueta Peppers are handpicked, they are sent to the Facility for washing and sanitation following a strict safety process. The Malagueta Peppers can be washed with Water or alcohol (Buyer can select which process), and processed for packaging and storage or ground to a puree form or dry pepper form. 

The Production Process of the Malaugeta Pepper is performed in strict accordance with Brazilian Food Sanitation Regulations and International Safety and Process documents as listed below. 

  • Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)
  • Food Defense Safety Plan
  • Manual of Good Manufacturing Practices

Packaging of Peppers

Exporter of Brazilian Malagueta peppers

For the long journey to your warehouse or facility, the Malagueta Pepper needs to be preserved in Vinegar which gives the Malagueta Pepper a 2 year expiration date. 

For Bulk order, we package our Malagueta Peppers in 100 Liters or 200 Liters Barrels that are sanitized and sealed for safe shipment by Ocean and Airfreight.

Hot Malagueta Pepper Heat Unit

In the ranking of the hottest peppers, the Malagueta is a mid range Chili pepper. With a Scoville Heat unit of 60,000 to 100,000 SHU, this pepper is just sufficient to bring a Hot Kick to your Hot Sauce Recipe.

Malagueta Pepper Heat


The Malagueta is a mid hot  Chili Pepper that can be  enjoyed by Pepper and non Pepper lovers. The First Reaction to this lovely Pepper, is its unique taste that is different from all other types of Chili Peppers.

This lovely Pepper is mostly produced in a few states in Brazil such as Minas Gerais and mid northern states of Brazil. The Malagueta Pepper Bush requires 6 months of maturing after planting before producing 12 months supply of Malagueta Pepper.

The small, tapered Chili Pepper starts out  green pepper and matures into its famous hot red color. At maturity, the pepper measures around 2 inches.

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