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Many people dream of importing their products directly from the Source Country to Resell. Buying directly from the buyer and removing middle men such as distributors and importers add unnecessary costs to many small businesses. 

Today, Sites like Alibaba and Ali-express have given a solution to many small businesses seeking to purchase directly from manufacturers in China. Now you can negotiate, customize and sign long term contracts with Manufacturers in China and save your company a lot of money in the procurement process.

What About Brazil?

Brazil is one of the top exporting countries in the world for agricultural commodities, Goods and Services. But Unlike China, Brazil does not have a or many B2B sites that allow you to buy directly from a manufacturer. Your only option is to search in google and hope manufacturers have a Website or have a process to sell to international buyers. 



Why its Hard to Buy directly in Brazil

The Main Reason its hard to work directly with manufacturers or producers in Brazil is because of the bureaucracy and process of exportation in Brazil. Unlike the United States, where any one can export a product, Brazil requires all companies that want to export their products to have an Exportation License. Although you can buy small quantities directly from a manufacturer and receive via the mail, there is a Value limit on these types of Transactions. 


Example 1: Mr. Bobby sells products on Amazon and finds an online store in Brazil that produces products he interested in selling. Mr. Bobby contacts the online store and they agree to sell wholesale to him. The Online Store has a product value limit in Brazilian Reais that he can ship to Mr. Bobby without registering the shipment as an export and Mr. Bobby has a value limit with the US customs without formally importing the Products. 


After 1 year, the products are selling like Hot Cakes on Amazon and Mr. Bobby wants to order 1 pallet of products. Now his Brazilian Supplier has a problem because he does not have a Export/Import permit with the Brazilian Government and cannot send Mr. Bobby his goods. 


Solution: The solution to this problem is a Trading Company. A Trading Company are businesses working with different kinds of products which are sold for consumer, business or government purposes. Basically a Trading Company is an intermediate company (that has an Export and Import Permit) in Brazil that buys a product from a manufacturer, sells it to the foreign buyer and provides all the paperwork, customs clearance and places it on a Ship and Airplane for delivery to your Port or Airport of Choice.


Food and Drug Administration

All Products imported from Brazil that fall under Foods, Drugs or Human Consumption must pass through FDA Registration, Inspection and Approval before allowed to enter the United States.


Easy Exporting and Importing into the United States is an Exporting and Trading Company in Brazil that has an Export and Import permit with the Brazilian Government to Export Goods from Brazil. For US Buyers like Mr. Bobby, Our company also imports products from Brazil into the United States and perform all customs clearance required. 

Example: Mr. Bobby asks to speak with his seller in Brazil about exporting and importing his 1 pallet of products. We provide a quote to Mr. Bobby for purchase of his products, customs clearance, logistics costs from Brazil. We also provide Mr. Bobby a quote for Importing into the United States, Customs Clearance, Import Duties and Delivery to Mr. Bobby warehouse (Optional). Mr. Bobby pays the total costs for his purchase and waits 20 to 25 days for his Pallet to be ready for pickup at the Port Warehouse. We provide Mr. Bobby the Cargo Release documents and he happily takes his truck to the Port warehouse, presents it to the pickup window and drives home with his pallet. In Conclusion, Buying products from Brazil can be easy and can be complicated if you do not have the right people assisting and working on your behalf in the Export and Import sides. 

If you are interested in Sourcing Products from Brazil for your Business, Please give us a call or drop us an email. 

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